First time farrier

curouisty and the racehorse

I was nervous as hell, it was time for the first farrier visit for my lovely filly. I was told she stood for the farrier but knowing how fidgety she is and how agitated she gets in the wash stall I was sure she was going to be a handful and as a result I was nervous. I had picked out a farrier I liked. I liked her website, her philosophy but most of all I liked how she worked. I had watched her work on another horse and she was skillful and happy enough to talk to me about he life as a farrier. Plus it’s always a bonus for me when I can support women in non traditional roles and a women farrier .. well, that’s the definition of non traditional.

I had told my new farrier that my girl gets nervous in the wash stall and that id like to avoid her being worked in there. As I’ve mentioned before the wash stalls at my barn are not only the hub of all action but they are used for vet visits, farrier visits and tacking up. during my abscess adventure I learned that Jezebel and the wash stall were not sympatico. When the time came we decided since its was a trim and not shoes (so far I’m lucky with her remaining barefoot) that she would trim her in the arena with a rope halter and tied to the farrier. I was informed that my energy needed to be calm as to not infected my horse with my nervous energy.


Jezebel stood for the farrier, I was so thrilled! She did chew on the lead rope and un-tuck my farrier shirt with her ever wandering lips but she stood and didn’t complain and got her pedicure. I suppose I was nervous for no reason. Maybe I should trust in my girl a little more seems to me when the chips are down she does the right thing more often than she doesn’t.