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Night and day


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Finally the weather was such that my trainer could come out and work with the girls. Hazer! Jezebel was up first and started off good and got progressively worse. She was determined to not hold her body straight when asked. Throwing a shoulder out and occasionally throwing it in. Anything to not go straight. It […]

Snow Ponies


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It doesn’t snow a lot out here but it does snow. Certainly more then my Southern California born and raised self is used to. This is also the first winter I’ve had horses out here when I don’t have an indoor ring to ride in. Lets just say I’ve invested in some better cold weather […]

The Girls


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Things are going well. Having two horses two ride is a big adjustment from having one, then two broken horses to rehab and not ride. My trainer Michelle comes out twice a week, Sundays and Wednesdays. On Wednesdays its just Jezebel. On Sunday she works with both horses. Jezebel is improving a lot and my […]

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It was windy and cold, not crazy windy and not super cold but windy and cold enough. I decided since i had ridden Circe the day before that it was Jezebels turn under saddle. Her trainer is on vacation so its just us for a couple weeks. Both girls came over to me in the […]

Let The Games Begin


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The horse farm where my pretty pony lives is a boarders only barn. This means that there are no school horses, lessons don’t have the right away and every one has equal access to the facilities. Most people are pleasure riders, with a few eventers, a few judge trail riders and a couple of show […]

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It’s been 2 days now of serious ridding for me and Jezebel. Lots of rising trot and many, many circles. The Barn has been very quiet in the afternoons and I’ve been taking advantage of it and getting down to actual work. Jezebel is doing amazingly well for a horse that has had limited time […]

Whos horse is this?


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The rain rot is getting better and it doesn’t hurt to touch her in her ichy spots so I started to work her again. It’s Africa hot these days so “working” my horse consists of 20 minutes of lunging and yet another attempt to get my girl comfortable in the was stall (which is super […]

Hissy Fit


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She’s got rain rot, or rain scald or whatever you want to call it. I’m going with rain rot because its rotten to deal with. She’s not the only one in my barn with it there are several. This weather isn’t making it easy to deal with. The patches on her back and hips are […]

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A saddle may soon be in my future. I have an appointment next weekend with Dover to come on down to my barn and try saddles on my pretty filly. I have very high hopes that this will be it, that I will get a good fitting saddle and actually begin to ride my horse. […]

Its hot!


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This east coast weather thing is crazy. I come from southern California I’m used to hot, I can handle hot. I am however having trouble with this humidity thing. Egads this isn’t hot, this is torture! It’s hot enough that the horses are in during the day and out at night now. My filly has […]