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Its Christmas time


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After the morning Xmas festivities my better half and I took a drive to the farm to see the ponies. The roads were clear as was the sky. I had a few treats for their Xmas stockings i needed to drop off and lets face it, on Xmas I need to see the ponies. They […]

The days of winter


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Stuff has been happening even things besides me bitching about the cold a tradition with me as soon as it gets below 40 on a regular basis. Interesting stuff, boring stuff and of course the daily grind stuff. Rep was hauled back up to New Bolton for his eyeball recheck and the results were giant […]

The blahs


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Circe got kicked and has a sore muscle and is off. Jez is still off from the mystery leg scrapes and her possible extensor tendon strain. She just finished her course of SMZs. Reps is getting his around the clock meds at home (every four hours, yo!) The only horse without issues in the barn […]

Rep is home!


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Rep is home. He came home last night. His eye is sutured shut and medications will be administered though a subpalpebral lavage. He will need meds every few hours for about a week. Sammy and I meet up today to coordinate schedules to make sure Rep is covered and gets his meds on schedule. He […]

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The vet was scheduled for a Friday at 1:30pm She was scheduled for Rep my trainers horse who has been battling any eye issue. The right eye has had issues for the last couple of years. Usually its controllable, this time not so much. The vet has been out several times trying to figure out […]