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Barn cats


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Who would have thought that barn cats could be a contentious issue. They are. I’ve been in a lot of barns and barn cats are necessary. They help to keep your barn pest free. Barns have rats, mice, snakes, birds. Barn cats help to reduce that. Barn cats are truly working animals. They have jobs, […]

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Losing something you love is painful, it can rip your heat out of your chest. I do not wish that kind of pain on anyone. Owning animals brings that pain because we out live them. Animals are heartbreaks in the making. They will break your heart. Thats why I do the best I can for […]

Horse blogs, ugh.


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Horse blogs are just as clicky as horse people. Certain blogs come into some kind of fashion I suppose, though I can never really figure out why some are popular and other better blogs are not. I read and enjoy a few, I stopped reading and do not enjoy many more. Most are horribly designed, […]