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It’s been a long time since I’ve written and not because nothing is happening. With work, and the bitter terrible winter cold (Yes, I’m being dramatic) I’ve been unmotivated to write. So an update is in order. Jezebel is wonderful and just as pretty as ever.  Over the fall we had a really bad case […]



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The opportunity came up to take my girl off farm. A new girl at my barn is a show rider. By girl I mean shes 12. She;s my new buddy at the barn, we hang out, compare our taste in bright pink tack and talk horses and school. She reminds me of my sister who […]



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I spent the day in PA at After The Races. The lovely farm I adopted my adorable filly from. It was really nice to hang out with them, they are good folks doing good things with rehabbing and re-homing Thoroughbreds. They have a slew of great horses all in different stages. Some recovering from injuries, […]

Its hot!


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This east coast weather thing is crazy. I come from southern California I’m used to hot, I can handle hot. I am however having trouble with this humidity thing. Egads this isn’t hot, this is torture! It’s hot enough that the horses are in during the day and out at night now. My filly has […]

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After my really disappointing day a few weeks ago with my filly I decided to read some books. Its something I do a lot. When I get stuck anywhere in life I find a book on the subject, often I find many books on the subject and read and absorb and read and absorb. It’s […]

HBO Shuts down Luck


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I’m not anti horse racing. I go the the track once in a while, I watch racing on TV more then most people, I love thoroughbreds. Their speed, heart and power and never thought I’d own one of my own. I am however happy as all hell that HBO finally shut down their production of […]