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I realized she wasn’t on the blog. I stopped blogging before I acquired her. Derp! Penny Aka Shez Bigtime Kool is a 16.2 appendix ex-race horse, she raced in Louisiana on the QH track, shes a 2010 model. After my last injury (thanks a lot Jezebel) I finally resigned myself that I needed something safer. […]

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I guess I lost interest in whole blogging thing but not in my ponies. Since I’ve brought everyone home I’ve been just too busy and my interests have gone to other places then keeping the update on my horses lives. Looks like the last time I wrote a blog post when was Stutz AKA Toots […]

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I went to the Mid Atlantic Thoroughbred auction the other day. I had never been and it was amazing! It was all you would expect from an auction where horses were going for the tens of thousand dollars. It had the podium where the auctioneers were doing there thing, the stage where the handlers would […]

The days of winter


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Stuff has been happening even things besides me bitching about the cold a tradition with me as soon as it gets below 40 on a regular basis. Interesting stuff, boring stuff and of course the daily grind stuff. Rep was hauled back up to New Bolton for his eyeball recheck and the results were giant […]

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The last month or so has been hard. Harder on The Circe Effect than me but hard none the less. Her lameness issues were not progressing how anyone hoped they would. To add insult to injury she came up lame on the right hind a week ago with stocking up in both hinds. The farrier, […]

Circes new Manolos


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When Circe came up lame a week and a half ago and i saw the bruise, I put her on rest and waited it out to see if it would manifest into an abscess or get better. A week went by and it didn’t get better. The lameness did get a little more pronounced but […]

Not again?


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The rumors are true i am moving the horses, tomorrow. But you just moved them, you say! Yes, thats true i did just move them. Its only been two months and i am moving them again. Its a very long story and i will be writing more about all the trial and tribulations in future […]

New camera


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The new camera arrived. Since my trusty 7 year old Canon EOS died on me last week out of the blue and when i needed it, i had to get a new camera. I settled on the Canon t3i so that all my Canon glass would fit and so that my learning curve wouldn’t be […]

All in a days work


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Jezebel went across the street! She did rather good. She was calm though very lookie-lou ish  and she crossed the street with no issues at all. Into the woods she went, on the little trail and over to the ditch and the creek. Jez doesn’t like ditches or water for that matter. She has jumped […]

Slow going


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I didn’t anticipate it going so slow. Moving the girls has caused us a few set backs as i expected and a few curve balls i didn’t expect. Getting Circe across the street and over to the ring has gone just dandy. Getting Circe to work and not lose her mind across the street in […]