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In the Equiery


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I have a couple of photos in this months Equiery. The Equiery is the local horse paper in MD (and some parts of PA and VA) but its Maryland based. If you are looking for horse support services like boarding, hay, training or ring building its the go to place. They also keep you up […]

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Wednesday: Michelle’s day to ride and it was a but of a hectic day for me. The better half needed a new helmet my Troxel which he had been riding in was not working anymore for him and my Tipperary didn’t fit quite right so we went to Dover at 10am mind you and spent […]

New camera


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The new camera arrived. Since my trusty 7 year old Canon EOS died on me last week out of the blue and when i needed it, i had to get a new camera. I settled on the Canon t3i so that all my Canon glass would fit and so that my learning curve wouldn’t be […]

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Sundays tend to be a really busy day. Hardly a day off at all. Typically its …Up early, drive to feed ponies, do barn chores, eat lunch/brunch, my better half has his riding lesson, drive to ponies to do more horse things/feeding/turnout/washing/chores, grocery shopping then i get to go home and make dinner before all […]



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This should probably be an actual page not a post. Yanno so i can look at it all the time with it starring me back in the face every time I see my site, for motivation. Not that I need a ton, im a self motivated person. I’ve been a freelancer for the last 12 […]

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Sunday is my regular day with my trainer, its the day she works with both horses, yanno providing the weather agrees. Today it did not. Everything was still, snowy, frozen and for a little added bonus we had off and on again freezing rain. Training was canceled, well try again mid week. Sunday is also […]