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The text I got was glowing Sammy (new trainer) rode both girls and they both did great. Circe’s didn’t call out to the other horses (a habit were working on to stop) and after her work in the indoor arena she was ridden around the property. That means around the pond, to the upper barn […]

Barn cats


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Who would have thought that barn cats could be a contentious issue. They are. I’ve been in a lot of barns and barn cats are necessary. They help to keep your barn pest free. Barns have rats, mice, snakes, birds. Barn cats help to reduce that. Barn cats are truly working animals. They have jobs, […]

Busy busy busy


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A lot has been going on as well as a lot of nothing. I’ve been letting the girls get settled in and not asking too much of them besides learning their new routine. My morning feed person started and thats been great! Going back and forth to the barn twice a day is tough. Nothing […]

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My girl got a stone bruise its taken a couple weeks to heal. Granted i am giving her extra time off because because i’m a little paranoid about it manifesting into a abscess (dodged a bullet on that one) while this resting of the bruised foot was occurring a semi private pasture became available. One […]