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They day after I got tossed into a fence and driven away by the EMTs on a backboard and neck brace a friend was going to lunge and maybe hop on my pony. Clearly she needed some work and i am pretty laid up. On the lunge it was clear my horse was lame, not […]

Bronc Riding


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I wasn’t even going to ride, but it was so quiet that i decided why not. We had a successful trail ride the other day and even though spring was in the air and my horse was a touch cranky i though it a good idea to tack up the girl and put a few […]

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My girl got a stone bruise its taken a couple weeks to heal. Granted i am giving her extra time off because because i’m a little paranoid about it manifesting into a abscess (dodged a bullet on that one) while this resting of the bruised foot was occurring a semi private pasture became available. One […]

The Verdict Is In


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It’s official I have a tear in my distal IP joint ligament, let me rephrase that I have a tear in THREE of my distal IP joint ligaments. Or as it’s more commonly known, a finger sprain. Only I have three finger sprains. It happened when I got pitched into the fence  off my pony. […]