The saga of Circe

Life with Circe, OTTB, Vet
[caption id="attachment_1527" align="alignleft" width="225"] The red-head[/caption] Circe's been lame for about 3 weeks now. It started with right front lameness and a suspected bruise. She was taken out of work while i waited for it to heal or abscess. It did neither. My farrier came out and Circe came off the hoof testers pretty hard but it was all over sore. It was time for the redhead to get shoes (clips, pads, magic cushion). We did that and hoped with a day or two she would be better. She wasn't. The day after the shoes went on a lump appeared on the inside of her right leg, below the knee. There was heat along with swelling. Ice, poultice, wrap for a couple days. No change in her lameness. I was…
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Circes new Manolos

Barn tales, Life with Circe, OTTB
[caption id="attachment_1507" align="alignleft" width="271"] Circe checking out Patty[/caption] When Circe came up lame a week and a half ago and i saw the bruise, I put her on rest and waited it out to see if it would manifest into an abscess or get better. A week went by and it didn't get better. The lameness did get a little more pronounced but she didn't do the abscess turn and ever come up three legged lame. My farrier was due to come out and i figured she would let me know if i was in abscess world or not. Circe still had no pulses, heat or swelling but she was defiantly off at the trot on the right front and over the week she was off  she was on lame…
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Life with Circe, OTTB
[caption id="attachment_463" align="alignleft" width="225"] Brand New Barefoot[/caption] Cire's feet are not in the best shape. She came to me front shod, with long toes and over under on the right front. Id love to get her barefoot but its not clear yet if that can happen or not. Unfortunately its kinda an experiment. Her feet will eventually tell me what they need and luckily I have the best farrier in Maryland so eventually I will get her balanced and in our out of whatever is best for her. I'm a fan of having a horse barefoot, Jezebel is barefoot and has been since i got her.  I'm also a realist and not every horse can handle not having shoes, some just need them. So step one, we pulled Circe's shoes,…
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