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I guess I lost interest in whole blogging thing but not in my ponies. Since I’ve brought everyone home I’ve been just too busy and my interests have gone to other places then keeping the update on my horses lives. Looks like the last time I wrote a blog post when was Stutz AKA Toots […]

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When I first head what she was doing I was in awe. I mean it’s rather amazing and its someone I know and respect doing it. Someone who changed my life with the simple act of approving me to adopt my horse(s). She kept it to herself  for a while until it was official but […]

Enter Circe


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It happened so fast it kinda made my head spin. I saw the posting the Racehorse rehab farm I got miss Jezebel from was getting a couple horses back though no fault of their own and didn’t have room for them on the farm. They were looking for sponsors, or fosters or some way to […]



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I spent the day in PA at After The Races. The lovely farm I adopted my adorable filly from. It was really nice to hang out with them, they are good folks doing good things with rehabbing and re-homing Thoroughbreds. They have a slew of great horses all in different stages. Some recovering from injuries, […]