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Circes new Manolos


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When Circe came up lame a week and a half ago and i saw the bruise, I put her on rest and waited it out to see if it would manifest into an abscess or get better. A week went by and it didn’t get better. The lameness did get a little more pronounced but […]

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I went to the horse trials at Wardaca. These are rated trails and it was a lot of fun. Wardaca is where my better half first started taking lessons. They have a lot of land including a big cross country course. In fact they do cross country schooling there. One of the Jr riders at […]

You give me fever


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I got the call from my friend Stacy who was doing evening feedings and turn out at my barn while Sammy was out of town. Circe was off her food. She hadn’t really touched her hay, drank very little water and was picking at her grain aka ration balancer. She seemed really “mellow” and Stacy […]



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Circe has a stone bruise. Shes getting some time off and I’m crossing my fingers it doesn’t turn into an abscess. Time will tell. The redhead has thin soles and this isn’t the first time shes had a bruise. I’m using Durasole her feets (i swear by the stuff), giving her some time off and […]

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A short hack away from my barn is Covered Bridge Farm. A really nice private barn that has recently put up a nice ring with lights and everything. They have been putting on some casual schooling jumper shows and Sammy thought she’d take Circe to her first show as one was coming up. Awesome! The […]

In the Equiery


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I have a couple of photos in this months Equiery. The Equiery is the local horse paper in MD (and some parts of PA and VA) but its Maryland based. If you are looking for horse support services like boarding, hay, training or ring building its the go to place. They also keep you up […]

Plugging along


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Everything is plugging along according to plan. The horses are doing well, progressing and thriving. Ive been getting plenty of ride time on both horses and my confidence on both improves daily. My better half is taking lessons every week on my trainers event horse (an un-raced TB) and getting better with each ride, its […]

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Wednesday: Michelle’s day to ride and it was a but of a hectic day for me. The better half needed a new helmet my Troxel which he had been riding in was not working anymore for him and my Tipperary didn’t fit quite right so we went to Dover at 10am mind you and spent […]

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I’ve been riding Circe but i haven’t been riding Jezebel. After she out me  on the ground last Feb and was acting out so badly i gave her the rest of the winter off to figure out what her deal was. Ulcers.. hind and gastric was the diagnosis and since that time we’ve teated the […]