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Squeaky Clean!

Squeaky Clean!

Spring really should be here but its not. Its gonna be late coming this year. Which if course sucks balls. Usually id be done with blankets by now but im not i still need them which means they are gross, dirty, muddy smelly messes of blankets. I gathered um up, stuffed them in to garbage bags and high tailed it to the local speedy laundromat, cuz theres no way i was sticking 1 blanket, 2 sheets, 1 cooler and 6 saddle pads in my washer at home. They have triple capacity machines at my local 24/7 mat which is awesome. I took my blanket wash with me and i went mid day on a week day to try to avoid large clothes cleaning crowds, screaming kids and general laundromat terrors. It was super easy peasy, almost empty and i was in and out of there in 40 minutes with clean everything. Of course it was all wet because i had to air dry them at home.

It was so easy in fact im looking forward to cleaning my mid weights once the season for them is truly over. Which according to the Farmer’s Almanac is end of May. To which I say…Fuck the Farmer’s Almanac

Made ya look


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Finally a really nice sunny beautiful day outside. It wont last because the weather gods hate me. Of that I am sure. I moved a lot of my stuff out of the soon to be old barn and took it to the soon to be new barn today. I still have a ton of crap to move and all i gotta say is, wow i spent  a lot of cash on horse stuff. When you’re packing up the car you can really see what you own. Which apparently in my case is one of all the things ever made. Tomorrow I’ll head over to Home Depot for more stuff for the feed room. Gotta store my gain in something after all. Its fun setting up my own stuff, not as much fun i’m sure as setting up stuff in my own barn, in my own yard but good enough for now. I’ll get my chance at that someday. As my old friend Bob used to say…..The times they are a changing.


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VCBHThanks to L from Viva Carlos for the Magical Blog Hop, Whats in Your Bucket addition. Like i needed a reason to blah blah about what i feed the ponies! I feel better now that i have one though. I tend not to go too crazy with the horsey supplements compared to some i suppose but i do a fair amount of them but everything has a purpose. A reason. A goal.

First up Jezebel. Since Jezebel has recently been diagnosed with hind gut ulcers shes on all kinds of fun stuff to combat that. For 6 weeks she will be eating 300 bucks worth of supplements in addition to her regular ones. Good times!

Hind Gut Ulcers:

Egusin SLH: twice a day

Kombat boots: twice a day

Mag Restore: twice a day

I’ve changed her Smartpak Calm Ultra to Mag Restore. Vet number two (who doesn’t have a team of vets for one pony.. Oy!) Said that the Mag Restore (which is a different kind of Magnesium) will likely give me better results for her anxiety and in turn help with her ulcers.

Regular Supplements for the wild one:

94 bucks.. ONE horse

94 bucks.. ONE horse

Smartpak Smart Flex 3– resilience (tendon support and joint supplement) Ive had her on the tendon support since her injury and i cant say for a fact that it had a hand in her full and complete recovery but id do it all over again if i had to today.

Smartpak- SmartDigest Ultra. This is the colic care insurance program. They claim this will decrease or eliminate colic and if it doesn’t they ill pay up to 7500 in colic surgery. They also pay out first before my insurance so that means if i’m ever faced with the question of surgery i have 15,000 with coverage. I hope i never need it but it puts my mind at ease knowing its there. Plus she loves it and eats it right up!

For Jezebels regular feeding shes on free choice hay and a ration balancer. Purina Enrich (which i might change to Triple Crown 30 when the 3 bags i have on hand run out). I’ve got her off grain entirely. Right now she gets the RB twice a day but come spring when shes out 24/7 her feedings will go down to once a day.

Circe: Circe is my doll baby cribber.

94 bucks on horse two as well. LeSigh

94 bucks on horse two as well. LeSigh

Smartpak Smart Flex 3- resilience Circe flexes out at a 1 So i wanted to give her some a joint supplement and because i’m tendon soft tissue paranoid. You would be too if you sat in front of a horses stall for 7 months watching her lose her mind. I’m giving her some tendon support as well. Plus my better half would like to learn to jump and that would mean Circe would be his partner.

Smartpak- SmartDigest Ultra. Shes also on the colic care and regular insurance so she too has 15,000 in colic surgery coverage. So anyone that tells you the cost of two is not that different then the cost of one is lying to you… for reals!

For her regular feeding shes on one scoop twice a day of Purina Strategy Healthy Edge. Id like to get her off grain as well but well have to see how that goes shes not as much of an easy keeper as the wild one. She also has free choice hay. When I take her to one feeding a day i might have to change feeds to something more substantial to keep weight on her, hard to say at this point.  My goal with both the girls is to get their regular eating habits as close to how horses are designed to eat not how we feed them. When the grass comes in i’ll have to readjust everything. Cuz its an on going battle and they each have their very own special  pony needs.

Almost like spring


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Good Morning ponies!

Good Morning ponies!

I had to meet the vet early in the morning. So i was up before the sun. Just routine stuff like the remainder of their spring shots and micro chipping. There was a SNAFU on the chips but that will be corrected in the next couple of days. I’m getting them chipped before they move into the new place. I read all the horror stories about stolen or missing horses and one of the big things is positive identification of your animal. Photos are not proof positive. A tattoo number on your coggins can be helpful but not all law enforcement agencies will go with that if who ever has your horse tries to claim its their horse. Microchips however are solid proof. So chipped they will get. They were good for their shots (racehorse bonus!) and i chucked them out in the mud field while i raced to meet the hay guy at the new barn.

Yummy hay

Yummy hay

When i got there they were already there but my new barn-mate got there first to let them in (good thing as i still don’t have keys) and they were setting up the hay elevator to load in. They were gonna pull the whole we only wanna load in and stack according to hay type thing. First cut orchard, second cut orchard, alfalfa.. but i put the brakes on that. We were paying for staking and by god i wasn’t gonna stack twice if i could help it. My new barn-mate showed me everyones designated space in the loft and i in turn had the hay guys stack everyones order accordingly. It went very smooth and they were in and out really quickly. As the process went on other boarders were showing up to receive their hay. Not everyone showed though which was an interesting observation. Some people are too willing to let other people pick up their slack. The quality of the hay was really good which is a good thing but i found out they have a 100 bale minimum to deliver, which might not work out for me. So i think i’m gonna give a different farm a a try next time see the difference and which farm i like better. In any event i’ve got my hay ready to go for when i move the girls in.

Water dog!

Water dog!

Then M and Peanut met me at the new barn to check it out and to take Nutter Butter on a walk. We walked like 5 miles according to my Fitbit. We walked all around the pastures (theres a walking trail) and Peanut even took some time to sit in the creek and jump In the little lake. The lab in her came out 10 fold. It was fun exploring my new neighborhood and i keep telling M that peanut wanted her to move here! Im going to miss them and our walks a lot when i  move. We then trucked on out to Tractor Supply and Southern States cuz i needed horse things and M needed hay pellets. Peanut was our ambassador as in both Tractor Supply and Southern States you can bring your pooch in which of course we did and Peanut was very very popular! On the way back my better half called and said he was taking me to dinner and to be ready when he got home from work. Thats code for take a shower  and put on a dress, you smell like a dirty horse! Which of course i did because i know which side my bread is buttered on. It was a very long but very good day. Oh it was also 50 degrees and sunny. Yanno like spring. That will last two more days then freezing rain and a cold snap just in time for the 2 days im going out of town for my birthday. Good times. Its possible it will snow again on my birthday, it did last year cuz thats how my birthdays roll…

Hay, hay hay…


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Giant new hay loft

Giant new hay loft minus new hay

I got to my new barn a little before 11am. It was freezing but i needed to be there to hand over a check to the hay guy and to move my hay around. I met a bunch of people, some from the barn next door and also my new barn-mate. I got the low down on her horses and we came up with a plan for introducing them in the field when i arrive. Also we found out we share a vet! Good news as we might be able to save on some barn calls down the line.  So I waited in the freezing fucking cold as the temperature dropped and no hay. They were late. An hour in a call was made to ask the farm delivering WTF?! We got put off as who ever was on the phone needed to “check the status” This isn’t a rinky dink small farm this is a big hay operation that serve multiple states in the area so i was a little surprised at their unprofessional tude. I know “horse people” but come on! 30 minuets after we made another call and still no answers as to an ETA on the hay. So we told them to reschedule. Cuz all of us had better things to do they sit around and wait for the fucking hay guy to decide when we was going to show up so we could hand him a big fat check. Noone had used this farm before and we (all 6 of us) were potential new clients on the regular. I’m not saying in not going to use them in the future i might depending on the quality of their hay but it doesn’t look good for them and me. My patience for that kinda thing is really low. Its a pet peeve when there is zero customer service and people/companies think they are doing YOU a favor buy you being their client/customer and you hading them over money. That totally chaps my hide.

So now they hay is coming Thursday but i have no idea what time. I left my check so i don’t need to be there. I am meeting my vet Thursday so i will pop over to the new place after to see whats up. So maybe Thursday i can move hay around my giant hay loft. We will see.

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Jez loves selfies!

Jez loves selfies!

The wind was crazy, gusts up to 30 mph other then that it was a beautiful day. Just a tease though as snow is coming again tomorrow. I pretty much want to stab old man winter in the eye with a rusty spike. I took Circe out to ride and that was a disaster. Too much wind. After one giant spook i decided to lunge her instead of ride her. Something in one corner of the ring had her in a tizzy. No matter what i did it was a no go corner. When i walked her over there to take a look she did airs above the ground. When i tried to get her to walk by they mystery scary spot she did airs above the ground. It was an airs above the ground kinda day. Eventually i gave up and put the red-head away. Crazy weather one, Circe and I, zero.

I bought Jez out to the ring for a little us time. Also i wanted to see if she would be doing airs above the ground. Not a chance. She was un-phased by the wind. We just hung out and played in the ring together. I’m sure if i tacked her up id find my ass on the ground but un-tacked and playing she was a dream. Her hind gut ulcer supplements have begun and i don’t know if i can chalk up this super chill pony ‘tude to the new magnesium supplement, Mag Restore or not. I’m thinking its just too soon to give anything credit… yet.

I get one more day of good riding weather before the snow falls and its Michelle who will be riding. I’m also hoping to try out a new saddle. Circe and my better half need their own and i am on the hunt. I decided on an AP because why make my better half ride in a dressage saddle when thats not the discipline hes learning. I’ll get a dressage saddle eventually this will just give me more time to save up and get something really nice. Because clearly i need all the fancy things.

In flux


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Imma bite your foot!

Imma bite your foot!

I’ve been riding Circe a bit as Jez is off because of her hind gut ulcers. Circe’s been a good girl and even though were just hacking around and not seriously working shes doing a good job listening to me and not trying to evade contact too much. Its been fun the few days of weather warm enough to ride. I bought her a new girth with sheepskin that matches my saddle and i think she really liked it.

Jezebel is on her supplements to re-balance her hind gut and hopefully get rid of those ulcers. I bought the 300 bucks worth of stuff and made up my own zip lock packets for her to be fed two times a day. I was worried she would refuse to eat them because thats what I do, I worry. It was all for not as she loves them and will lick her bowl clean of it all. Good girl! Shes been a real doll on the ground and I’ve been having fun de-shedding her and playing with her.

See ya Sabs!

See ya Sabs!

Tina moved Wasabi and i was super sad to see her go, even though in a few weeks i’ll be leaving myself. Sabs walked right on the trailer no fuss no muss and Tina has let me know shes settled into her new place like a champ. She will be out 24/7  with two other horses and i think that will be good for the compulsive stall weaver silly Sabby is. I’m looking forward to visiting them soon and Tina has said when i move that she will come visit and ride one of mine out on the trails by my new place! Yuss! One of the benefits of two is that you can have friends come ride with you. Another friend who moved a week or so ago and took her horse to a super fancy dressage barn for training also emailed me to let me know he settled in real nice and that he didn’t even flinch an inch when she rode him in a huge indoor with lots of stuff happening and giant mirrors all around. She has a baby (4 year old) Arabian that she is planing on taking up the levels in dressage. I’m looking forward to watching her and cheering her on when she competes in her first show someday!

M and M

M and M

Theres been lots of flux at my barn with people moving out but we did get a couple new in. Two giant Clydesdales. They will be living out 24/7 and are the first things you see when you drive up to the farm now.  They are very sweet, i spent a little time yesterday on my way out petting them and getting to know the giant horses. I’m not sure what the owners do with them, trail ride i think but i cant be sure. Other then that I’ve just been preparing to move my girls end of the month. I got word as to when my hay will arrive next week and then its just a matter of starting to move my stuff over and buy the things i will need like some additional buckets, a mini fridge and all the little things that a boarding facility provides but a self care place doesn’t. Its all still very exciting. When i tell people where im moving to those in the know always comment on what a great place it is. Which makes me very happy and reaffirms that i’m in fact making the right decision for me and my girls.

Buying hay


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hayMy horses don’t move until April 1st, up until then get to do all kinds of things to prepare for the move, yanno besides stress out about it. The barn manager and by that shes the liaison to the non-profit who owns the place, kindly agreed to let me move stuff in early and get my space ready before my actual move in date. Which is pretty cool of her. First up buying hay!

There is a giant hay loft above my barn and half of it is mine, there’s a lot of space for me to store my hay. Since i don’t own a truck i need my hay delivered and they need a hay elevator as i’m not about to truck up heavy hay bales via the inside stairs  by hand. Since i’m getting all that, i might as well get it stacked for me too. A women in the barn next door was making an order with a well known farm in my area that I could get in on. Great! I got a text with some prices and cuttings and kinds of hay. 1st cutting of timothy or orchard or a mix, 2nd cutting of orchard or timothy, 2nd cutting of alfalfa or alfalfa/orchard. After researching (thanks Google!) I finally settled on the 2nd cutting of orchard. Next I needed an amount. I almost went with buying enough to last me 6 months just to not have to worry about it for a while  but had to consider some things…

A. I don’t know the quality of the hay from this farm first hand

B. its winter and hay prices are more expensive in the winter.

After doing the math and adding in that for a month or so id be responsible for haying the field half the time I went with 24 bales and a couple of bales of alfalfa so that id have it for the night the girls settled in and on hand as a treat. I figure this will last me about 6 weeks give or take. It really depends on how fast the grass comes in. All that will cost me just a touch over 200 bucks. Not to bad at all. I’m sure the closer to summer it gets, the cheaper my hay bill will be as well. I’m not going to complain over 100 bucks a horse though, thats for sure. The woman who is placing the actual order will let me know what day the hay comes and i will be there because now i’m in charge and i need to be there to receive my hay. Which i’m pretty excited about.

So thats done. Next up… grain!

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Baby Bo and my better half, in red!

Baby Bo and my better half, in red!

Change is not always something i’m really great at. I tend to be a creature of habit. I have to make a real effort to embrace change, to surrender to change, to move into change. I have found the older I get the more I can roll with the punches. I still get terribly stressed but its less traumatic. It’s time for a change. I could see the writing the wall and I am embracing it with both excitement and of course my usual stress and fear. I am moving my horses.

I was getting what I’m calling a Georgia Ave Ulcer. Georgia Ave is the road I drive to the barn. Its a very busy street, a main roadway and the only direct way to my barn from my home. Its also filled with morons who try to kill me on the road every single day. Seriously people out here drive like twits, i don’t know how they get a drivers license and i routinely see 4 to 5 people a day on their goddamn cell phones drifting onto other lanes clearly with the intent to run me personally off the road. I come from CA where that shit costs you 500 bucks when caught, we are all hands free.  45 minutes or more on this road twice a day was literally giving me an ulcer. For reals! Zantac and antacid have become my best buddies.

Contributing to my angst was my desire to have more control over my horses daily lives and being in a regular boarding facility you don’t get to make those kinds of decisions. Like hay amounts, the kind of hay fed, type of grain, turnout schedule, blanketing etc. Those decisions are almost always made for you and though some places are more likely than others to take your wishes into consideration you have to ask, you have  to be granted the consideration. So when the opportunity came up to move both the girls into a self care place, closer to the house, I had to consider it. When you have two its not as easy as one to find places for them both at the same time. I am moving them both April 1st.


My actual new barn. Purty!

Though it will be very different and a lot more work i’m going to give it a go. Its a beautiful place run by a non profit, 6 acres of pristinely maintained pasture for a 4 stall barn. Feed room, hay loft, tack room with storage and lockers. I’ll be sharing with one other person who has 2 horses of her own. The barn is connected by a breezeway to the barn next door also 4 stalls and 6 acres and I’m hoping to get in on their coop to cut down on some of the day to day work as my barn mate likes to do her own thing and not be tied down to schedules. I also will need to buy my own hay, grain, clean my own stalls, turn my own horses out and in. So i will be hiring some barn help so that i can get a  bit of a break here and there. Lots of new things for me to master. Its not a perfect place and has some draw backs like no hot water, my riding ring is across the street and i will miss my daily walks with M and Peanut. Though they will come visit me for walks at my new place (and trailer in for rides when Willa is better!) and i’m not leaving my current place on anything but good terms so that i can visit and still help M with Willa during her laminitis flare up if she needs me to. The benefits in this case out weigh the drawbacks. Spring is coming and i can put my girls out 24/7 when the weather is a stable 40 degrees or above until it gets too hot with summer. I think they will both like that.

Change isn’t always easy but sometimes its the just right thing to do.


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VCBHThe 7 deadly sins, Viva Carlos Magical Blog Hop! Im a big fan of the seven deadly sins and a big fan of talking about horses… so naturally…

Pride: Seven great things/strengths in your riding life

1. Determination to see it through now matter what

2. The funds to have 2 ponies

3. Being open to being a better rider and better horse person

4. Adaptability

5. Michelle my super dedicated trainer

6. Patty my friend and wildly talented farrier who has really done me right

7. A partner who is supportive of me and my horses and always pitches in without complaint.

hermes-equestrian-bag-mainEnvy: Seven things you lack or covet for your horse

1. A trailer and truck

2. A dressage and AP saddle for each horse

3. Enough hours in the day

4. Hermes everything!

5. Indoor riding ring

6. Custom made tall boots for my awkward feet/legs

7. Horse property to keep the ponies at home

Wraith: Seven things that make you angry

1. Barn cliques, bah!

2. People who are afraid of their horses

3. Horses with absentee owners

4. People who are afraid of MY horses

5. Not having the funds to take riding lessons and pay for training for the horses

6. Surprise barn bills

7. People who don’t do right by their horses

Sloth: Seven things you neglect to do or cut corners on

1. Cleaning tack, I never do it

2. Horse baths are short and never done well enough

3. When its cold I don’t ride as much as i should

4. Clipping bridle paths

5. Pulling manes, I have scissors and I’m not afraid to use them

6. Sometimes I ride with tangled tails because brushing them out takes too much time

7. My boots are never, ever clean

Greed: Seven most expensive things you own for your horse/riding

1. My bought brand spanking new saddle

2. Jezebels medical bills (ultra sounds, x-rays, shock wave, meds)

3. Two custom made embroidered show halters and fancy matching leads

4. Horse insurance on both girls

5. Monthly SmartPaks … for two!

Thats it there are only 5 everything else was bought on sale 😀

Gluttony: Seven guilty pleasure or favorite items

1. My $20.00 dollar silver fox bridle (I love it!)

2. My ever growing saddle pad collection (dressage pads too when i don’t even have a dressage saddle)

3.  Love, love, love, my fleece backed grooming mit

4. I buy all the pink stuff for Jezebel, its kind of a sickness

5. Just hanging out with the girls when I really should be riding

6. Organizing my tack locker so that its the envy of others

7. buying used tack online (also a sickness)

 Lust: Seven things you love about horses and riding

1. The connection between me and my horses

2. When they nicker to me when I get to the barn

3. Being part of a team/partnership

4. Their soft smoochable muzzles

5. Building trust with a 1000 lbs animal

6. When i’m sure i know what they are thinking

7. Time away from the outside world and life stresses


That was a lot harder then i thought it would be!